established in 2004, and began to produce grinding tools for diamond grinding and polishing tools for floors. Now, Joy technology manufacturing grinding and polishing tools 95% of which are exported worldwide.

With more than 18 years continuous efforts, our core value of integrity and responsibility, Joy technology aims to be the most valued supplier of diamond tools for floor grinding & polishing.

Xiamen Joy Technology Co., Ltd.‘s R&D center is committed to grinding and polishing technology, we are not only able to provide high-quality products, but also has better ability of technical innovation to solve various problems of floor grinding and polishing for clients, which is a part of our OEM/ODM service. With our top quality and fast-responsive service, we help our clients enhance market competitiveness.

Our products

Joy Technology is a trustworthy manufacturer for diamond tools for concrete polishing pads, which is located in Fujian, China, with perfect and full industrial chain for diamond tools, as well as convenient delivery system. We always commits to manufacture diamond tools which are not only friendly to environment but also friendly to users.


With our top quality and fast-responsive service, we help our clients enhance market competitiveness.


Now, we manufacturing grinding and polishing tools which 95% of them are exported worldwide.


To be the symbol and most valued supplier of high quality diamond tools in China, totally change the image of low quality made in china.

Proficiency in Diamond Tools
Punctual and quick delivery time

Joy Technology has always committed to providing high-quality products to its customers, and quality control plays a significant role in achieving the goal. The quality control goes from the production process to the non-production process of each tool. To ensure stable and consistent product quality, Ashine has set strict standards on quality inspection. Quality control is an integral part of the production, promoting quality consistency between products and products and the consistency between Ashine and its customers. High-quality is the guarantee because every product process passes quality control inspections during every aspect of production.

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